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  • 2017-03-17 15:56:43
  • Hit : 144

이번 시즌 가장 핫한 리빙디자인 어떤 것이 있을까요? 메종 드 오브제 파리의 "WHAT'S NEW?" 를 보면 그 답이 보일 듯 합니다.^^

세이프선데이가 모던한 감성으로 재해석된 에코리빙 스타일, 편안하면서도 고급스런 자연의 느낌을 그대로 옮긴 듯한 몇가지 디자인을 소개합니다~

[본문발췌] This area will provide information as well as products, highlighting the remarkable novelties of the season. Remarkable for their innovative nature, material, know-how and even the quality of the creator. The aim of What’s New ? is to communicate the spirit of this session through a contemporary lens, representing an open selection of the newest products from seasoned or recently arrived exhibitors.

Take in a quick overview of the six sectors from the MAISON universe: Eclectic, Cosy, Elegant, Fragrances, Complements, Actuel.

순서대로, 1] Libeco Home Giulia, 2] Muubs Hotdog Holder, 3] Midipy Plaid de Philippe Granet, 4] Broste Copenhagen Tableware Salt, 5] AY ILLUMINATE ZI Nelson Sepulveda

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