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  • 2018-07-09 19:03:53
  • Hit : 120

Content: 100% pre-consumer recycled cotton.

Fabric Origin: South Korea

While we're ofthen touting the refined features of the fabrics we work with, in this case it's the lack of refined ment we're proud of.  All of our product is made from 100% pre-consumer waste, most of which is perfectly usable for clothing. It gets cast aside by factories due to small variances in its texture. It makes good use out of what would have otherwise been thrown away, and creatively addresses the resource-intensive impact of the fashion industry.

Although it may look like a basic item, we can assure you it is not.

We produce far fewer of our items than most companies.
and with most respectful care and monitering,
we try to make our items from those disposed fabrics.
We beleive it is extremely important for business to dipose of anything that is recyclable sensibly,
keeping the environment in mind at all times.

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