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- traces of communication -

New Era of Creativity
“This book is one of the ways we communicate with you”
A new future of the handmade industry will begin! Safe Sunday really tries to figure out
how to develop and forecast the future of eco product as systematically introducing all those
various flows and cultures of the handmade industry. Safe Sunday’s ecobags are not
something stays the same all the time. Now that so many people like uniqueness so as we,
Safe published this book to engage in different activities in the design industry. Sharing our creative
experiments, we believe that we should come up with new ideas on how to convince
those people sharing their creativeness. Safe Sunday is open to share ideas and skills,
the more we become likely to live in good harmony with nature!

- history -

Safe Sunday started its brand with introducing upcycling ecobags. We found cotton and canvas rags
while visiting many clothing factories, so we developed our thoughts to create environmentally friendly bags
through using those wonderful fabrics. Since then, we have collaborated with artiest
and environmentally conscious groups to develop green ecobag projects.
Ecobag still carries our love of nature, fashion and the green society. And our love will be
continued simultaneously with our pajama projects and all of our collections.

- we think -

We believe that our environment can be healthier if we think differently.
We spent months searching for high quality fabrics which are strong yet still lightweight.
The fabrics are coming from a variety of places, cottons are the rags from clothing factories,
and cashmere knits are made in Mongolia. We are looking forward to use any material that we can share
the social value and with carrying the social value in our brand, we believe that our environment can be healthier.

- we care -

Due to our careful selection of materials and making process, it takes time to make one piece of product.
We believe that our closed relationships with our customers are more important rather than selling
one product as quick as possible. Our team is designed to be responsive to the society and always ready
to listen carefully what is needed. Because we believe greater values cannot be created without outbound voices.

- contact -

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which means we love email.
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